UPDATE 5/29/19! We are putting the finishing touches on the most amazing EP you haven't heard yet.  Mixes are being mastered, angry animals are being illustrated, shows are being scheduled.  Awesome things are upon the horizon, stay tuned and follow on Facebook for more updates!

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We are awaiting the masters on our upcoming Ep. "Llamapeno"!

A Convergence of Sonic Excellence

Now see here.  This here band is a conglomeration of intriguing lyrics, adventurous guitar, explorations of bass guitar seldom experienced, and evolving percussive stylings.  Take a look and listen around, check for upcoming live performances, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook for all the Mad Rant updates you can shake a stick at.

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Running Suits

These are the people making the music!  Ryan (guitar. vocals) Chuck (bass, vocals) Matt (drums)


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College Station, TX, USA


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"I'm a Driven Piece of Meat"